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Silly Billy Toddler Classes

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Join us every Wednesday for Silly Billy Toddler classes

We are delighted to invite you to our Amazing FREE Sillybilly Music & Story Classes for Toddlers at 10am & 11am and every Wednesday for Everyone to join for FREE!! The Sillybilly Music and Story Classes introduce a love of Music, Songs & Rhythm, Instruments, Stories and Imagination to your Child. The Sillybilly Music & Story Program has created unique Sillybilly Songs, Music, Characters and Stories with Sillybilly Songbook’s, Music CD’s and Puppets for Parents and Kids to continue the Learning and Fun at Home. The Sillybilly Music & Story Program educates Children giving them the confidence for Life and has been recommended in Womans Way, Your New Baby, Dublin for Kids, In Dublin, The Herald, Primary Times, Mothers and Babies and most importantly, thousands of Mums and Dads who enjoy our Music Classes with their kids each week.


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