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Changing Places

We are always trying to make things better Together

Blanchardstown Centre has installed a state-of-the-art Changing Places toilet facility that includes features and equipment making it more accessible for people with disabilities and additional physical needs. This facility will provide people with disabilities and their families a safe, dignified fit for purpose environment in which to care for their loved ones. The new Changing Places facility represents a significant step forward and is a positive contribution to the full inclusion, equality, and rights of disabled people within our community and Blanchardstown Centre.

“We worked closely with Disability Advocates in the Community to understand their requirements and deliver a facility that is befitting their needs” said Joe Gavin, General Manager of Blanchardstown Centre.


Our Aim to Be Inclusive

Certified Proud is an Irish accreditation membership body that works towards LGBTQ+ equality across businesses in Ireland, ensuring safety of staff and comfort of customers, regardless of identity or sexual orientation. Our joint mission is to transform the shopping, dining, banking and travel experiences of LGBTQ+ people at Blanchardstown Centre. Together we have spoken to consumers and are fuelled by tackling inequality as Ireland aims towards accountability in business and ensuring members of the community are safe no matter where they work, or how they spend their money.

Certified Proud accreditation indicates to the consumer that the restaurant, retail store, medical centre, hotel or bank has made active efforts to ensure equality in their service. In order to be part of this we are committed to learning more about the LGBTQ+ community, educate our team on pronouns and terminology, listen to the changes our colleagues and our customers would like to see, have zero tolerance as regards homophobic and transphobic bullying and commit to give back to an LGBTQ+ charity.



#Be There Campaign Supporting Better Mental Health

Blanchardstown Centre was very proud to partner up with Mental Health Ireland to Be There for our Customers with a positive and engaging customer focused event in October. We welcomed customers and the Mental Health Ireland team to “Donate for Discounts” on the 22nd and 23rd. Together we provided great entertainment, informative talks, feel good fashion shows, giveaways and discounts from stores throughout the Centre and retail parks. Customers could #Be There for each other, #Be There for themselves and also Be There to donate to Mental Health Ireland

With appearances from TV star Bláthnaid Treacy, MC for the event and radio presenter and DJ Ray Shah, the #BeThere festival ran during World Mental Health Month in October and combined feel-good entertainment and retail therapy with expert-led mental health discussions and support.

Our Aim to Be Inclusive


Blanchardstown Centre is delighted to announce that it has partnered with Now Group an award-winning social enterprise supporting people with learning difficulties and Autism into jobs with a future.  JAM Card provides an easy way for businesses to identify people with communication barriers and hidden disabilities to give them quality customer care based on their needs.


By launching The Just A Minute (JAM) card Ireland’s leading shopping destination allows people to ask for a minute of patience in any situation they need it including in shops, restaurants, public transport and accessing public services. It is also available as an app for smartphones that allows users to select what their screen says from options including ‘I have autism’, ‘I have a condition’ and ‘I have a brain injury’.


With over 133,000 JAM Card and App users, together with the Now Group Blanchardstown centre will equip their staff to not only provide excellent service to JAM Card holders but also provide training on inclusion which will give greater awareness and appreciation of neurodiversity in their work culture.

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