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Better Spaces

Supporting a circular economy to make our spaces better Together

Introducing our very first RVM, Reverse Vending Machine. This initiative is part of our recycling strategy to encourage customers to recycle single use plastic in a deposit return scheme. The return will be made by us as a donation from Blanchardstown Centre to St. Francis Hospice for each item recycled. Located on level 1 beside Dunnes Stores 🍃 

Working towards a greener and better Planet


We are contributing to a more sustainable world in more ways than one – We are committed to partnering with like-minded companies to advance technologies to reduce waste and create even safer treatment and disposal options. We are committed to improving and developing sources of renewable energy and sharing the benefits of our learning and innovation with our customer base. We are proud to say that our mission is to provide Zero to Landfill service. 100% of all material recovered is either re-used or recycled.

Making things better by supporting local artists

Maser’s study of botanics was initially sparked on a personal level, he found himself in search of natural forms to create balance within his life. This personal interest became intrinsically infused with his artistic practice, and has led him to creating several collections of work to date. The mural in Blanchardstown Shopping Centre brings this concept to the next level. The idea was to create a largescale, visually impactful artwork that excites curiosity in visitors, yet lives in harmony with the existing landscape within the centre and the surrounding businesses.

Bio-Diversity is a core strategy for better spaces

With over 300 trees, miles of hedgerows and 10 acres of dedicated green areas Blanchardstown Centre is one of Ireland’s greenest Shopping Centres & a top promoter for Biodiversity.

Each year we dedicate a large portion of our green spaces to the implementation of the All-Ireland Pollinator plan. We plan in conjunction with our landscapers and install signage to show where we are making a difference.

At Blanchardstown Centre we have 900m2 green spaces dedicated to the pollinator plan. Our wildflower areas are dedicated to the preservation of our local Bee population.


ESB launches major High-Power EV Charging Hub at prime Dublin location in Blanchardstown Centre

Joe Gavin, General Manager of Blanchardstown Centre welcomed the new charging hub:   “Blanchardstown Centre plays a huge role in the fabric of Dublin life and we are delighted that we can partner with ESB to support members of our community and visitors to the area to access more sustainable choices. The chargers that ESB installed in 2021 have been hugely popular so it is great to add to these with our new high-power hub which will be a great benefit to our customers.” 

This is the biggest hub in Dublin accessible to all EV drivers, with four 200kW high-powered chargers which can charge eight EVs simultaneously and can provide 100km of charge in as little as six minutes. These new chargers are in addition to the existing high-power and fast chargers that were installed by ESB in Blanchardstown Centre in October 2021. 

With 16 million visitors per year at one of Ireland’s leading shopping destinations, this new charging hub marks a significant step towards a greener and more convenient future for all. Equipped with high power charging technology, drivers can quickly power up their electric vehicles, minimising wait times and maximising convenience.  

Strategically placed in the retail park just off the M50 and N3, these chargers ensure effortless access for all visitors, eliminating any concerns of searching for charging stations.  

In total, ESB have delivered a record 19 new charging hubs over the past 12 months and upgraded charge points in several other locations, meaning there are now over 1,500 public charge points in place across the country.    

A key milestone for ESB in 2023 was the doubling of the number of high-power chargers partially funded by the Government’s Climate Action Fund. ESB has built 39 high power charging hubs nationwide over the past two years, replaced over 250 AC chargers with newer technology and upgraded a further 52 AC chargers to fast 50kW & 100kW chargers.   

These innovative charging hubs will play a key role in supporting Ireland’s EV transition, which is critical in terms of meeting Ireland’s ambitious transport targets as laid out in the Climate Action Plan.    

Welcoming this announcement, John Byrne, Head of eMobility at ESB, said: “We are delighted to have recently installed another eight brand-new high-power chargers in Blanchardstown Centre. This hub installation marks a major milestone in extending the critical charging infrastructure available to the people of Dublin and beyond and will play a key role in helping Ireland reach its climate reduction targets.  

“EVs are the fastest growing segment in the Irish car market so hubs like this are crucial for drivers and demonstrate our commitment to ensuring that the public charging network can support this growth.” John added.   

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