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Skechers – Store Manager

Full Time
Position: Store Manager
Full Time

Store Manager

Job Descriptions store manager

Since opening its first Irish store in Henry Street in 2010, Skechers has flourished with a current total of 23 stores across Ireland and Northern Ireland as well as additional stores continually being added to the establishment. As a corporation we pride ourselves on our ability to instill positive mindsets and dynamic communication systems amongst the entirety of individuals we employ.

We are currently on the lookout for a full time/part time/fully flexible store manager for our BLANCHARDSTOWN CENTRE store.


Job description

The Store Manager leads assigned location to achieve targets or new store sales through consistent operational excellence, discipline, and a committed team who execute flawlessly. You will support the Upper Management by giving them regular updates and informing them on all business-related activities.

The following outlines tasks and responsibilities you will be expected to oversee:

  • Motivate employees by communicating company directives to all, utilizing the company mission statement
  • Fulfil and execute the company mission statement daily and feel passionate about our product, people, and our customers
  • Determines market potential proactively and suggests to the Upper Management localised product, visual, and marketing strategies
  • Provides daily high-level communication with the staff
  • Ability to interact with the team effectively
  • Excellent customer service abilities with internal and external partners
  • Participates in company meetings and helps to shape the overall growth and strategy of the business
  • Being at ease with repetitive training delivery and being aware that it may differ depending on how each learner understands training
  • Recruit interview and hire new staff members for the Skechers team
  • Ability to inspire customers and demonstrate love for the product by sharing pertinent fitness, fashion, and product expertise
  • Conducting daily floor walks & delegating effectively, you will be on top of competitor activity and will communicate trade feedback to all levels
  • By setting an excellent example, you will inspire your employees to provide sincere customer service and to take advantage of upselling possibilities throughout the whole store
  • Provide staff with training to increase their knowledge base, and use cross-training techniques to maintain productivity when workers are not present
  • By abiding by legal requirements, you will keep the store stable and maintain its reputation
  • Observes client/employee interactions and offers helpful criticism on how to increase sales and enhance customer service
  • Plan, monitor, and evaluate work results while coaching, counselling, and disciplining staff to maintain retail staff performance
  • Establish relations with potential and existent consumers as well as other people in a position to comprehend service requirements in order to determine current and future client requirements
  • Control stock levels and make important stock control decisions
  • Analyse sales data to predict future sales
  • Analyse and decipher trends to make planning easier
  • Utilize technology to analyse data, track sales, and make future plans
  • Address staffing issues by conducting interviews with potential hires and performance evaluations
  • Have an active presence on the sales floor, speaking with co-workers and customers, and spotting or resolving urgent issues.
  • To pump out a high volume of products at a given price point, managers should teach their staff on how to implement operational efficiencies. Ensures that the goals of customer interactions are to increase multi-pair sales
  • Establish a productive sales and performance culture for all employees
  • Conduct performance reviews with all team members frequently
  • Give staff members clear instructions, counsel, encouragement, and support, concentrating on the delivery of the necessary standards for merchandising, presentation, and promotional activity
  • Make sure the store complies with policy, procedure, and legal standards and that operational excellence is attained in the back of the house areas
  • Ensure best practice in terms of personnel levels and rotas to make the most of staffing budgets in-store
  • Liaising and working in conjunction with Human Resources frequently
  • Involvement and overseeing of grievance and disciplinary matters
  • As needed, carry out further tasks according to the direction of Upper Management



Job requirements

  • Three to five years in retail management experience is essential
  • Excellent ability to multitask, manage time, and set priorities
  • Knowing how to conduct interviews, hire and evaluate applicants, and evaluate employee performance
  • Ability to perform and cover all work floor activities, including reaching aloft, bending, squatting, kneeling, and carrying goods
  • Demonstrated capacity for setting a good example
  • Enthusiasm, passion, and dedication to the Skechers brand Empathy for the needs and perspectives of others.


Job benefits

  • Competitive base pay
  • Additional annual leave
  • Bonus structure
  • Employee Assistance Programme
  • Incentives and reward packages
  • Staff discounts
  • Free shoes
  • Cycle to Work scheme
  • Service anniversary rewards
  • Career development opportunities
  • Excellent work culture
  • And SO much more!!


All applicants can apply to laura@shuzgroup.ie, closing date of next Tuesday 18th April.


The Skechers community is full of diversity and inclusion, and we are thrilled to welcome anyone who wants to join our team! We encourage all employees to challenge themselves in order to grow and develop further. Here we believe communication is key, leading to greater engagement and transparency. Ensuring a sense of trust and fairness is at the heart of this establishment.




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